Orust runt 19/1 -13

Yay! I got a new blog since finding where the old one was saved will take time.. On this i will jibber more or less with unreglular intervalls and show pics and have one post for pics i just ned a web-adress for (read no use checking), buissness as usual in other words! :-)


Yesterday I woke up totally restless, with a need to have fun, do something! What i wanted to do i had no idea about, just that it should be fun and..away from Svanesund since I felt a bit stuck! Considered a photowalk in area hubby checked but even if it was a brilliant sunny day it was a bit to cold for my taste so..no.. Ended with me and hubby taking a drive around Orust and shooting some pics somewhere in between Hällevikstrand and Mollesund. First time hubby used his reflectorscreen and.. it was kind of entertaining to watch him juggle screen’s angle and camera at the same time *lol*


P.s Hubby did well, I offer you fully three pics of me! Not every day that vill occur! *lol*











6 Responses to Orust runt 19/1 -13

  1. NL495 says:

    I am so happy to see you back!!
    Lovely photos and such a nice landscape!

  2. Mike says:

    Thanks for sharing yor snowy photos. No snow in Sousse, just rain today.

  3. congerjan says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere! Nice pictures! Can’t wait to see some that you take underwater! You go girl!

  4. Go girl, next time we need a photo assistan.

  5. Mercè says:

    Ooohhh… How I envy you! XDD

  6. Yay! Welcome back to the blogosphere! I so recognize that restless feeling, after being forced to be inside for more than a wekk now being ill while the sun has been shining ;-(

    Lovely winter photos of the landscape and you – love your cap too. I really like your new blog layout, this background is awesome!


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